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  1. Marrying Ur Tirak in Singapore ?
  2. Newbie Burnt !!! :(
  3. How I got cheated by KTV girl
  4. Need Info on PRC Visa etc
  5. China MMs - Excuses and Emotional scams
  6. Marrying a ex Gaylang Girl
  7. Marrying A Thai ger
  8. Does the so call " true love " still exist???
  9. Understanding Vietnamese Life Partner
  10. Is there true love between us and PRC WL
  11. Safe to travel alone with PRC GF back to China?
  12. PRC as My Mistress
  13. Advice needed. Wehn can my GF return to SG after deported.
  14. Needs some advice
  15. i am in love with a shenyang girl
  16. Watch this Video. It could save you a shitload of trouble.
  17. PRC whore calls Singapore men "stupid".
  18. Old men PRC PDMM = True love ?
  19. Student pass is still the best for my teeruck
  20. All single bro please come in
  21. Single bro welcome
  22. good ger to intro
  23. In love with a prostitute
  24. In love with a prostitute
  25. In love with a FL girl
  26. Hainan girls
  27. local FL who fall in love with the customers
  28. Divorced
  29. Bros' If my Chong Qing Gal Kanna Deported back..Is She Able to Come Back
  30. Future society of Samsters and Samstress
  31. Tears For A PRC Prostitute
  32. Lost interest in commitment/marriage...
  33. For Thread Starters: How do you feel giving out ctcs?
  34. Please be careful
  35. What does it mean????
  36. How to hit back at KTV PRC
  37. Friendships between WLs and Us?
  38. Come in and say is it fair? Did I do anything wrong???
  39. VISA application
  40. not lengchai cant get lenglui?
  41. Do you prefer to marry a PRC, M'sian, Thai, Indo, Viet, others or our local girl
  42. The Sex Trade
  43. What's an acceptable age gap for a man and woman?
  44. Advice on dealing with Thai SYT
  45. "priceless" aka 4D hunters or beer promoter
  46. Any better ideas to think your wife is the best
  47. The End of my sweet adventure with my PRC mei mei
  48. What I've told to WLs who just started in this trade
  49. 10 Tips for bros who just started in chionging ktvs and joints.
  50. Inspiration for the Heart Soul
  51. Bros w/ Viet gals, Sept already, VISA needed?
  52. i am a slow lover
  53. PRC at H81 Violet (Lavender)
  54. Possibly the biggest fool in this entire forum...
  55. How to deal with a wife whom you are stuck with?
  56. Is there true love?
  57. Bros who has successful relationship with WLs pls share
  58. Double WHAMMY I got 2 GFs Pregnant
  59. I never thought it would happen to me
  60. How to get to sichuan. need help.
  61. Getting out of this.
  62. Going BONKERS a-la Fatal Attraction
  63. The Story, The Revelation
  64. How to deal with a discovered affair?
  65. Successful stories with WLs
  66. Will anyone do this??
  67. ONS with wife best frd.
  68. Getting a decent job for a china girl on student pass?
  69. Any bros China Gf would like to study in Sillypore?
  70. Florist in JOHOR BAHRU
  71. Funny little buffalo ..
  72. Price to pay for helping Matters of the Heart
  73. Need help in dealing with a very painful Divorce.
  74. Guranting some gal to come in to S'pore from China
  75. Help Needed with Decision with a Thai Girl
  76. Help needed with vietnamese
  77. Calling all bros who need help in Matters of the Heart
  78. Should i help her????
  79. My dream ger...sigh..
  80. cousin
  81. Help/advice please
  82. Revelations of a PRC WL
  83. Tears For A PRC Prostitute - Finale
  84. True Love or Give Up???
  85. Happily Married with an ex WL(VN)
  86. Stay Longer in SG
  87. Be ware of PRC MM
  88. Guys should really LEARN
  89. Advice: Can one apply for PRC to be...
  90. Old flame wants to patch back. Need Advice...
  91. Help on student visa, please
  92. PRC got caught. want to come SG. how?
  93. To stay in or out of a relationship with a KTV gal
  94. In love with a china girl (Pls advise)
  95. My encounter with a MILF...
  96. bringing my viet gf rom sg
  97. [Discussion] Taking it one at a time
  98. How to get my FB back?
  99. A painful decision
  100. Relationship with an FL
  101. Married but GF pregnant...
  102. How To Make The Women You Desire "Sexually Attracted" To You Fast? Anyone Can Share?
  103. China Ktv12288;65319;65313;65324;65331;
  104. Screw Up...
  105. Singaporean Killed In Mumbai
  106. Bringing a PRC to see a Doctor?
  107. Incredible Tales
  108. Congrats to Obiwan
  109. Any Secrets To Make Health Centre Chicks Attracted To Me ? Be My Part Time GF..
  110. Need Help
  111. Need advice: Overstay being detained.
  112. Getting married in Vietnam.
  113. Anyone con by this ktv gal?
  114. The Things they're capable of PRCs
  115. Do you lie about your age?
  116. having a pinay as a gf?
  117. Local girls.
  118. Will You Rape ?
  119. A Heartless Singaporean Guy
  120. so he got her pregnant, now what?
  121. Advice needed
  122. It is worth forsake everything in singapore and join her in china to start a new life
  123. How I got cheated by KTV girl Part 2
  124. Relationship with Health Centre PRC
  125. Why you don't Trust Me (Gal asked)
  126. My Shanghai Love
  127. Another heartlhess one got busted
  128. Luck Man Marries Thai Twins - Is he ?
  129. Betray your wife and you LOSE your PENIS
  130. I struggle with this question everyday....
  131. how to divorce from china woman...pls help
  132. WLs Vs Wifes
  133. Is it possible to help FL to quit the trade?
  134. A PRC MMs Ask me to .....
  135. A local beautician
  136. can abusive person change?
  137. Sometime about LuLu (exTB thai FL)
  138. anyone familar with hotel 81...
  139. which sex postion does guy prefer?
  140. Felt Cheated out of Love Money From A Foreign Wife
  141. 2 success Stories for the heart
  142. Tired of cheonging
  143. Just want to share, my encounter with a FL
  144. Matters in my heart....
  145. fake marriage
  146. I LoVe cHiNa GaLs
  147. Is sex a conquest, a bonding agent or a process?
  148. PRC asked me to marry her...Yes or no???
  149. Wanted to married a China girl but i am married
  150. How to obtain a bigger bust?
  151. Anyone like me just broke up? Feel like chatting?
  152. Yes we can
  153. Love out of SEX?
  154. Need some advises from seniors here
  155. love has die?
  156. Looking for Friendship Only - seriously
  157. What is LIFE?
  158. Please help..i require advice
  159. Student Pass for a PRC
  160. Existance in one's heart
  161. I think a new wave of KC trap will happen
  162. Confused and lost on documentations at ROM marrying minor VN
  163. How much do FL earn?
  164. How to KC a WL without being KC-ed by Her
  165. My friend sibei CHUM
  166. A game of chess, a life of moves
  167. What Can Thai Girls Here Do?
  168. What should I do with my life ???
  169. how much of these statements can be true?
  170. my apology to do_u_bj
  171. PRC Gal went back to China, what is right amount to give her?
  172. Another Kc Story, but now from the Woman's Perspective
  173. I Cannot Believe My Eyes
  174. Cheated
  175. Need advice
  176. Do U Think A Fl Loves u If She....?
  177. Divorce Process
  178. Love?
  179. A few chuckles to make the heart feel lighter... I hope.... [tagged]
  180. Jilted Geylang FL Put Up Posters Of Client
  181. She wanna to bear my child ........
  182. Torn between 2 woman
  183. What if Student Pass holder get pregnant?
  184. PRC returning to SG
  185. Need Some Serious Advice
  186. how now from Kiko
  187. Just a Reflection of Cheonging ....
  188. How long typically do local Fls stay in this line??
  189. Guides to how to get a thai girl/PRC/Vietnamese as bride?
  190. Miscellaneous ramblings of a cheongster
  191. Wives and Lovers...Steps to Happiness or Unhappiness?
  192. A Parable to Understanding WL......
  193. Sad Man
  194. Need expert advice
  195. How to locate a girl on same flight
  196. For single guys or those senoir(also can comment)
  197. Milf [tagged]
  198. Talk about a Hearless Cheongster - Jon2000sg pls come here to post
  199. Advise needed
  200. KC Red Flags Thread
  201. Playing with the Devil or being a Devil
  202. Banned Racist FL
  203. Filipina's Jealousy
  204. Classic Scam by PRC
  205. How does she feel for me?
  206. in the red
  207. is this cheating?
  208. Maxim Magazine - March 2009 (Ukraine) *HIGH QUALITY* Russian
  209. how to approach this gal?
  210. How far does the girl have to go before they are considered hookers?
  211. Relationship turns sour with a massage gal
  212. Solutions to Working/Residing in SGP - Foreign Euros
  213. Need HELP from Senior to a Few Question
  214. Never thought this would happen to me.
  215. Wat is this man?
  216. Feeling bad after hJ
  217. fl..
  218. Help Needed
  219. Hong Kong girl
  220. Anyone have a website to bypass IP??? [tagged]
  221. partner not keen in sex
  222. Divorce proceedings involving a foreign bride
  223. Ang Moh Beatup By Some Gals [tagged]
  224. 'Pleasure Factory' classic line
  225. R the gals really that good in KC or the guys just willing to fall in it?
  226. maids with bangla bf [tagged]
  227. Going to commit suicide tonight!
  228. All seek the heart buy cover with lust
  229. Love and Lust
  230. to old uncle sam.....
  231. some pregnant problem here
  232. Do you think I should continue?
  233. Where to meet woman for love?
  234. Why guys get cheated by girls? Preventive Guide
  235. liking a hooker
  236. Your opinion matters
  237. Another Case Very Sad to Read About This
  238. wat should i do?
  239. Question to Married Guys: How's Your Sex Life?
  240. shy guy need advice
  241. Need some point of view
  242. China Girl Expectations
  243. please advice
  244. Falling for your collegue
  245. My WL relationship story. She actually gave me money and now I am truly confused.
  246. Another Well Documented KC
  247. KC Approval Thread
  248. Time to handbrake?
  249. Sibei sianz with life.. non-relationship stuff
  250. My story with a prc. Help help Help